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1st-Feb-2012 11:49 am - Public post and note!
KHR! » lambo-san
This is a post for every temporary loved list holders; I don't want you to think ill of me(when you feel like you suddenly got removed) so I'm posting this. LOL. If your pass expired and if I get no respond from you regarding yes or no for renewals - and when your time is up, I will remove you from the list anyway. Unless you let me know beforehand then you will stay here until you are able to renew - HOWEVER, you are not allowed to request any freebies after your time is up. It's to be fair to the others as well ♥ I like being organized so no hard feelings please ;_;♥ Thank you very much! :D
12th-Sep-2010 09:02 pm - MEMBERS ONLY
KHR! » lambo-san

Invite Only

Check your invites if you are invited here. ♥
If you're not invited, do not join. Thanks :)
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